What does ADDTabz feel like when you take it? What should I expect?

Users often report a very smooth onset that delivers a heightened sense of energy and focus without (for most) the jittery feelings (jumpy/speedy) or stress-like feelings that many have experienced with other types of products.

My current medication really helps my ADHD, my friends told me to try ADDTabz instead what dose should I try?

None! If you have a professional/medical diagnosis of ADHD then you should NOT switch medications without first speaking to your medical professional.

Can I get in trouble or kicked out of school for having ADDTabz on me?

No, having ADDTabz™ is not like having a prescription drug without a prescription, but we recommend finding out your schools regulations.

I heard ADDTabz is really helpful for losing weight. What is the best way to take ADDTabz for weight loss?

ADDTabz provides extra energy for many people and a lot of our customers have also noticed strong weight loss. This does not surprise us as part of this amazing formulation is the basis for our top global selling weight loss product called PhenTabz and PhenTabz Plus (available only through medical professionals). We started with an incredible base for enhanced energy and then added ingredients clinically shown to aid in memory, focus and concentration support!