Many of our physicians and clinics that carry Lexium International products (PhenTabz & ADDTabz) are looking for non-prescription alternatives for their patients. Often their patients ask for something to aid in improving their memory or cognitive abilities. For the physician that is looking for a non-drug approach, ADDTabz might be the answer they are looking for!

Anyone from a student to a business professional to a retired individual may benefit from taking ADDATabz. Many of our competitors may give minor results - they typically fall very short of making a significant difference. ADDTabz is designed to provide the best individually relevant nutraceuticals that we could find to help aid in mental performance and cognitive for academic/business strategic purposes.


Non-prescription alternatives for your patients

How would you like to offer your patients a product that has clinically significant ingredients and yet is a non-drug? Prescription drugs have many side effects and contraindications that can put you and your practice at increased risk.ADDTabz Plus is not a drug – it is a designer supplement comprised of well-known nutraceuticals designed to aid your patients as well as your practice.

You probably have noticed that a large % of your patients desire increased focus, concentration and energy

ADDTabz Plus for your practice

Many patients would benefit from having increased cognitive abilities, increased focus, ability to concentrate for longer periods of time and a much higher level of energy throughout the day. The sense of well-being that is provided by all these enhancements keep your patients happy while enjoying a better quality of life.

Providing an effective solution will not only help your patients increase their health, but also will increase their loyalty towards your practice and increase referrals.

Generate Strong Income

ADDTabz Plus provides direct cash generation for your practice. Your patients can only get ADDTabz Plus via physicians' offices – but it is not a prescription medication or drug. ADDTabz Plus is not billed through insurance – it is provided on a cash pay basis. The profit on each and every bottle of ADDTabz Plus (or any other Lexium International product) is strong and can be the additional income stream you have been looking for! With the tremendous amount of cutbacks that have occurred and future ones that are planned; ADDTabz Plus can provide income generation while providing wonderful benefits for your patients.

With the tremendous amount of cutbacks that have occurred and future ones that are planned; ADDTabz Plus™ provides incredible income generation while providing incredible benefits for your patients - enhanced cognitive abilities, focus, concentration and amazing energy!

As physicians, it is our responsibility to find the best treatment regimen for our patients. When it comes to pharmacological therapy, we often have a myriad of drug options that typically all have the same issues which we must carefully consider:

  • Side Effects
  • Drug Interactions
  • Patient Contraindications
  • Safety Profiles
  • Downregulation Issues
  • Addictive / Abuse Potential

A leader in Non-Prescription Alternatives

Lexium International has earned a global reputation in non-prescription solutions through its’ ability to formulate next generation nutritional supplements. Lexium products have successfully been sold in 47 countries and countless medical offices.