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ADDTabz - The Adderall Alternative for Millions

Study Harder – Focus More – Concentrate Better – Comprehend What You Are Reading

Pressure to succeed in both the academic and business world is greater than ever. "Average" is now a word that carries very negative connotations and is typically interpreted as "below average". Does this intense extra pressure provide the right environment for success? No – in reality this extra "real world" pressure forces one of two standard outcomes: 1. A slowdown in the neuro-cognitive processes that only makes the situation worse. 2. The outreach for powerful pharmaceuticals/neuro enhancers to enhance mental performance often without a prescription and typically with serious adverse side-effects. In the last decade or so, the most popular of these drugs has been Adderall.

With ADDTabz there is now an alternative to AdderallResearch by Alan D. DeSantis, a professor at the University of Kentucky who has studied ADHD-stimulant use in fraternities, suggests that 34 percent of the university's undergraduates have used stimulants like Ritalin and Adderall as study aids. According to DeSantis, that number rises the longer students are in college, and nearly 60 percent of Kentucky's juniors and seniors have used "neuroenhancers."


The drug Adderall is specifically designed to treat symptoms of ADD/ADHD. The manufacturers are very vocal in saying that non-ADD/ADHD users will find mild benefits in energy but cannot expect any specific mental enhancement. Adderall requires a prescription and thus a doctor's visit and permission (expensive and just because you "ask" the doctor for a prescription doesn't mean you either need it or will receive one). The use of a Adderall without a prescription is of course illegal and if caught very well may end your college or work career…


#Lexium International's latest global release, ADDTabz™, is widely recognized as "the Adderall alternative". This hyper-advanced non-prescription pharmaceutical has been designed from the onset as an upgrade from Adderall for all patients that don't have complete fully diagnosed ADD/ADHD yet want the benefits of the focus, energy and concentration. Adderall is the world's leading formulation specifically designed/formulated for the treatment of ADD/ADHD. ADDTabz™ is the world's leading formulation specifically designed/formulated for enhancing mental performance and cognitive ability.

ADDTabz is now available without a prescription!

ADDTabz™ is a non-prescription pharmaceutical featuring FDA recognized active ingredients for mental performance and enhancement. Whether your needs involve dramatically enhanced mental performance at work, school or home ADDTabz™ will:

ADDTabz was developed with the sole purpose and function of mental performance and cognitive enhancement



Difficulty Concentrating


Difficulty Listening


Organizational Problems






Trouble Following Directions


Remember that if you only suffer from a mild case of ADHD, Adderall may not be the drug for you. It is a very potent drug with serious side effects and requires a legal prescription from a doctor. With ADDTabz™ there is now an alternative to Adderall millions without all the side effects, physician visits and expense.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with upgrading to non-prescription ADDTabz™ that provides superior results without negative side effects commonly associated with ADHD medications.

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ADDTabz was formulated by Lexium Internationals R&D division Lexium Laboratories


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